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How much do you know about projectors?

In general, household projectors that use LED light source bulbs have a relatively long service life. In theory, the service life of this type of projector can be as long as 20,000 hours or more. But this is an ideal state, and it is affected by the environment in real life. On the whole, the average lifespan of a home projector using an LED light source is 8000-14000 hours. If you use it for 4 hours a day, it can basically last for 6-10 years. Incidentally, when buying a projector, you must identify the lens material. Many people have been fooled. You have to choose a "real" glass lens. Moreover, when the life of the light bulb has reached its limit, you can continue to use it with another light bulb.

How to extend the life of the projector? Projectors are used by thousands of people. Just like wrapping book covers when I was a child, everyone has a different attitude. Some people cherish it very much, and some people almost take it on a roller coaster ride! I advise everyone, use the projector well, it can really save a lot of money. Some good habits for using the projector: 1. Do not switch on and off frequently 2. Clean the projector regularly 3. Do not cover the projector’s cooling vent 4. Cut off the power when not in use, the most important thing is - buy a regular brand projector.

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