The most fun NBA legends to play as in 2K21


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  • Play Now is NBA 2K22 MT the initial mode you'll experience when you start NBA 2K21 with a range of offline and online games that take advantage of the NBA's top players. Certain games, such as BlackTop, Quick Play, and Local Play, are an simple method to play 2K21 without having to spend hours building your player or team. It is now possible to play 2K competitively with your players on the internet or in your local area. Play Now's second greatest perk is the NBA players who are accessible in these modes. They can't be replicated on the MyPlayer Builder. Their sheer athletic ability and talent is unmatched by anything else you can strive for. It's fun to try and compete with the glitch-level skills that these NBA legends have. Below you'll find ten of the most talented and also some honorable mentions to help you pick your top Play Now players.
    Kyrie Irving was the 1st pick overall in the draft of 2011 when he signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers and later won an NBA championship with them in 2016. In 2K21 Irving is a 94 overall with the Offensive Threat build in the shooting guard or point guard positions. Kyrie performs like Allen Iverson, bringing amazing dribble moves and animation that isn't unusual for a player with a ball handle ability of 99. While Iverson is more speed-driven, Kyrie is more shot-driven with hall of fame First Step, Ankle Breaker and Tight Handle combined with gold Range Extender badges. Kyrie is a great choice for those who want to 3-hunt or drive towards the rack, while taking down the defenders.
    Giannis Antetokounmpo is known as Giannis Antetokounmpo is known as the "Greek Freak" due to his elite basketball ability (and because he was born and raised in Athens, Greece after his parents emigrated from Lagos, Nigeria). Giannis has a two-way slashing Playmaker build in 2K21 at the small forward or shooting guard position and has a 96 overall. The Greek Freak is a long, strong, and speedy player that can play on both defensive and offensive ends. Giannis can chase down blocks and take the ball with the Interceptor badge. This is why he's a great player in lanes, and he can cause many turnovers, giving your team with transition buckets. Giannis is able to dunk, which makes him a fantastic player to take into the paint from the offensive end, too.
    Kobe Bryant, who tragically passed away in 2020, all of his 20-year NBA playing career with the Lakers who he swept five championships. Bryant was also awarded the All-Star Game MVP Honors four times, which is the most ever in the history of the NBA. Kobe's score in games is 98 overall. He also has an All-Around 2-Way 2Way at the shooting guard or small forward position. Kobe's ability to make the toughest shots due to his high shooting scores as well as his six hall of Fame badges and his shooting ability are what make him entertaining. Bryant is not only the best 2-Way player, however, he can also make some of the most insane shots. Bryant has excellent driving as well as defence and finishing abilities, so he can do almost anything.
    Julius Erving, or Dr. J, is the only player in history who has won MVP awards both in the ABA as well as the NBA and is believed to be the biggest reason the two basketball associations joined in the year 1976. Erving is a small forward or shooting guard position, as two-way scoring Machine with an overall rating of 97. Erving is a blast because he's such an attractive player. Erving is an absolute performer on the court thanks to his amazing dunks lay-ups, and speed. Erving is also a pro with great basketball handling skills. The seven hall of fame finishing badges make him a master when it comes to scoring on the edge. Dr. J has the most amazing afros he has ever had from playing with the Nets.
    Michael Jordan won six NBA championships He was nba mt also 14-time All-Star and received five MVP awards during his entire career. Jordan is a billionaire, with an estimated net worth of two billion dollars, is also the most successful sportsperson in the world. Many think that MJ the best basketball player ever and 2K appears to concur with this view. Jordan has an overall rating of 99 and is a shooting guard or small forward position with an All-Around 2-Way build. Jordan is the best All-Time player of 2K21 which is loaded with 16 Hall of Fame badges across finishing shooting, defence/rebounding, as well as playmaking, something is impossible for any other player to achieve in any game mode. If you're looking to become the top player on the court in any scenario, then you must be Michael Jordan

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