How to fix your profile photo on Instagram

A fun or interactive post is the insta zoom perfect way to engage your audience and build a community on Instagram. For that reason, Primark's recent post about their latest product releases was a good choice. By allowing their followers to browse the products and zoom in, Primark was able to engage their followers with their latest releases and create a sense of mystery about the content.
FedEx's Instagram feed is another example of a brand using the Zoom feature to great effect. Her posts are based around taking followers on a journey and showing them how their packages travel from A to B. This is a wonderful way to connect with your followers and show them how your products are doing.
When selecting the post, it's a good idea to use the zoom feature sparingly. It's not something that should be used in every post, but it's a great tool for blending your images and getting a little more creative with your images.
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