Investment Casting in the Mining Industry

The mining industry relies on large, heavy and complex equipment and machinery for excavation, hauling and other applications. Using the right material for this environment is important as it helps create durable and complex parts that can withstand harsh conditions. Castings must have highly precise dimensional tolerances.
As an investment casting company, JC Casting can help you get the right part for your project. From idea to final product, we will produce high quality mining castings while always ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of the industry.
Mining Materials
We can easily manufacture castings from a wide range of materials. When discussing your project, we'll make sure we have a good understanding of where and what the casting will be used for - this will help us choose the right material.
This is an important decision because mining castings require wear-resistant, strong and durable metals and alloys so that mechanical parts will last a long time.
Steel and stainless steel are among the most popular materials in the mining industry, and for good reason. With them, it is easy to produce durable castings that are resistant to corrosion and resistant to a range of environmental conditions to which other metals are susceptible, such as fire and rain.
Other materials include carbon steel. You can use several grades of this alloy, depending on your specific application, and its ferromagnetic properties make it useful for motors and electrical products or machines as well. Carbon steel is durable and ideal for use in harsh conditions.
Nickel and cobalt alloys are also found in the mining industry. The material is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, wear and electricity. This makes them ideal for mining environments.
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