Casting for Energy Industry

At JC Casting we regularly produce high quality aluminum castings for the energy industry.
Our flexibility and professionalism, combined with our total commitment to quality, have made us a trusted supplier to some of the energy industry's leading companies.
Industrial Gas Turbine Castings
Our aluminum castings are used in the manufacture of industrial gas turbines. They have numerous power generation and industrial applications and are widely used in wastewater treatment plants, onshore and offshore oil and gas production, and emergency and standby power generation. We are especially proud to play our part in the manufacture of these machines as they are specifically designed to minimize emissions to help companies comply with global and regional emissions regulations.
Turbochargers and turbo generators
We also produce castings for industrial turbochargers used in a variety of marine, power generation and rail applications. Likewise, recent developments and innovations have helped to increase power while significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and we are proud to contribute to increased efficiency.
Our aluminum castings can also be found in turbo generators. These versatile, efficient machines are supplied to many of the world's leading energy companies simply because they have so many possible applications. They are widely used in utility, industrial and offshore power generation.
modern casting facility
In our modern foundry, we are able to produce high-quality castings for almost any application. When we use air-fixed sand casting technology, there is technically no limit to the size of castings we can make. It is for this reason that we are able to meet the various engineering challenges faced by companies in the energy industry.
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