Be trying to fix combat incorrectly darker

Be trying to fix combat incorrectly
In short: let's add the ability to block and parry with overpowering power so that those who attack first are almost certain to lose.
I do believe that you're trying fix the issue in a way that is not right Dark And Darker Gold.
A better solution would be make every class have higher HP. Barb shouldn't have anything like 25% more HP basekit.
Give barbs access to high HP armors that can't be accessed by other classes or give them leveling to become a high HP target, instead of becoming already one from the beginning.
Combat's simple and straightforward nature must be preserved, that's for me to be drawn to it in the first place. If I was looking for a battle between chivalry and mordhau, I'd like to play chilalry/mordhau . However, I am not fond of these games.
If you feel bored of the combat it is not for you , I think. I don't get bored, for instance. Though I'm of the opinion that melee barb generally surpasses other classes, and I offered a solution to this problem above.
There are other bits and bobs in there to cancle any swings in the past to block out a parry before it's too late and you could also try throwing strikes back and forward Thoubh Dark And Darker Gold for sale, I'm going to agree with you that your HP is quite low . But taking the first step could give you a chance to hit parry.
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