The ultimate reward in FIFA 22 Icon Swaps is a three-guide set featuring Ruud Gullit

Sorry, but the third round of FIFA 22 Guides Guides Icon Swaps has come to an end. If you participated, then you probably already know what the main reward was: a truly spectacular Ruud Gullit card for Fifa 22 Coins Farming Guide Guides Ultimate Team. If you didn't participate, then you probably don't know what the main reward was. If there is a Fifa 22 Coins Farming Guide Icon Swaps 4, we will make sure to update this page as soon as it becomes available, but as of right now, we don't know if there will be one or not. In the meantime, here is a look back at what we've seen from the campaign up to this point, in the guide to your Fifa 22 Coins Farming Guide Icon Swaps.

What exactly are the Icon Swaps for FIFA 22?

In order to participate in the Icon Swaps system of FIFA 22, you must first complete in-game objectives in order to earn tokens. These tokens can then be traded in for legendary players or special packs. The cards with the highest overall ratings will, of course, call for the most tokens. During Icon Swaps 1, you only needed to exchange six player tokens for Iker Casillas (GK, 89), but Gianluca Zambrotta (RB, 89) cost 14 tokens, and Wayne Rooney (CF, 88) demanded that you collect 17 tokens before you could make an exchange.

The first round of the  Icon Swaps event kicked off on December 15 and featured a total of seven players, in addition to a variety of packs. In addition to Casillas, Zambrotta, and Rooney, the following players were available: Alessandro del Piero (center forward, 87), Marcel Desailly (center defensive midfielder, 88), Marc Overmars (left midfielder, 90), and Rio Ferdinand (center back, 88). Unfortunately, that portion of the campaign has been completed for some time now, and in order to acquire those players, you will need to rely on the transfer market.

Icon Swaps 2, the subsequent promotion, started on February 21 after the previous one. In exchange for 17 and 14 tokens, respectively, Garrincha (RW, 94) and Fabio Cannavaro (CB, 93) headlined the event. Cafu, who is from the same country as Garrincha and plays for the RWB, and Steven Gerrard, who plays for the CM, were two of the other options.

On Monday, March 27, the third iteration of Icon Swaps got under way. This one was a doozy, as it provided access to the grandfather of Ultimate Team, also known as Ruud Gullit (CF, 93). Other tantalizing possibilities included the thunder-booted Brazilian left back Roberto Carlos (LB, 92) and the unpredictable wingman George Best (RW, 94). Keep scrolling down this walkthrough for the full list of rewards for the third round of the Fifa 22 Coins Farming Guide Icon Swaps event.

What brand-new legends am I able to unlock by playing Icon Swaps 3 in FIFA 22?

Because this year there are only four new legends, and one of them is Wayne Rooney, the fact that he was up for grabs as the prize with the highest rating in the Icon Swaps 1 competition was kind of a big deal. Iker Casillas, the superstar goalkeeper for Spain, was a new addition to that promotion as well.

That just left Cafu and Robin van Persie, and sure enough, the Brazilian was given a card for Icon Swaps 2, which almost certainly ensured that RVP would be a lock for Icon Swaps 3 as well. Alas, no! Surprisingly, RVP has not been made available as a part of any of the Icon Swaps campaigns for FIFA 22. Despite this, you can check out the player profiles of all four new additions to the game as well as the full roster of 105 legends that are featured in this year's installment by visiting our  Icons guide.

What is the total amount of coins I have saved by using  Icon Swaps 3?
A big old sum. If you were willing to put in the hours,  Icon Swaps 3 represented incredible value. Three of the seven selectable players sold for more than one million coins on the transfer market. Additionally, George Best and Roberto Carlos came extremely close to reaching the seven-figure mark. As of Thursday, June 9, the following is the price at which each card could be purchased from the PS4/PS5 transfer market:

  • Edwin van der Sar (GK, 92) – 550,000 coins

  • Kenny Dalglish (ST, 93) was awarded 606,000 coins for his performance

  • Roberto Carlos (LB, 92) – 921,000 coins

  • Coins awarded to George Best (RW, 94) totaling 990,000

  • Samuel Eto'o (ST, 93) – 11 million coins

  • 72 million coins were awarded to Lothar Matthaus (CM, 94)

  • Ruud Gullit (CF, 93) – 212 million coins

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