Create A Team is not returning to glory with Madden 23

Madden 23 Create A Team is missing, Relocation nearly identical as Madden 15 . Franchise Mode
Madden 23 is coming soon and only a handful of Franchise Mode features are more popularly requested than the one called Create A Team Mut 23 coins. We've had the chance to test Franchise for ourselves with Madden 23's Madden 23 beta, and we've discovered how much changed and didn't.
Madden 23 Create A Team features aren't available in Franchise Mode
Every year , there are people who are hopeful that long-awaited Franchise Mode features will finally be included in that season's Madden release. Madden 23 is a full decade since the very first time we had Create A Team removed from Franchise Mode, since the feature was present in Madden 12 but was removed from Madden 13.
Although the feature could have used more detail and expansion, EA Sports apparently decided the best option was to eliminate it completely. It's a bit of a surprise since virtually every major sports game franchise, including the EA Sports NHL series, has Create A Team at the form of.
They did introduce the new Relocation mechanic a couple of years after, but unfortunately Create A Team is not returning to glory with Madden 23. The only significant new feature to be noted so far is an update to the contract system and we've got more information about that Franchise Mode feature in this article Madden 23 coins.The details and teams for relocation are nearly unchanged from Madden 15
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