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The use of PET release film

With the continuous application of authoritative and professional PET release film, more and more people gradually realize that polyester release film also plays an indispensable role in our life. However, many people may not be particularly clear about the use of PET release film. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand its many uses as follows:
1. Packaging decoration
After the PET release film is aluminized by a vacuum aluminizer, an aluminized paperboard with metallic luster can be formed. It is characterized by its degradable and recyclable eco-friendly properties. It is a green, novel and advanced packaging material just developed.
2. Transfer
PET release film can also be called PET transfer film. Its characteristic is that it can be used repeatedly. On the one hand, it can be applied to the printing field. PET release film can be transferred to glass, porcelain, plastic, metal, leather, cotton fabric and other materials through special processes. On the one hand, it can also be used in highly integrated high-tech industries such as chemical industry, plate making, evaporation, precision molds, and molding.
3. Protective film
PET release film can also be used in the production of PET protective film materials. Therefore, it can be used not only for the protection of stainless steel, nameplates and aluminum panels, but also for the protection of laptop casings and displays, as well as for electronic die-cutting, optoelectronic die-cutting, electronic products and other products.
4. Reflective film
The first-class PET release film can be made into PET reflective film through a special process. With excellent optical properties, thermal stability and light aging resistance, it is mainly used for traffic reflective signs, billboards and industrial safety signs that have reflective requirements.
In summary, the current reliable PET release film can be mainly used in different industries such as the above-mentioned transfer process, packaging decoration, reflective film, and protective film production.
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