Be patient with this fight since he's moving slowly

With about half health, the doctor will admit that you've got strength however, you must summon a holy hammer, then swing it in a arc front of him in order to gain momentum and propel it into the air, and slam it down on top of you. Reverse the initial swing, and wait until he's close to falling to keep out of Elden Ring Runes reach of the hammer. retaliate - but be ready for dagger attacks in the future.
He is also able to summon a more lengthy golden sword blade, which has greater reach than daggers. He can combine it with his cane to execute spinning combination slashes that are hard to avoid. He can also end by slashing with the main weapon of his staff.
Margit can be difficult to predict which magical weapons are he likely to summon and how he'll use them in his combo attacks, therefore you'll need endurance in your arsenal to quickly block or dodge the next attack. If you've got a good protection shield, you can also perform Guard Counters with caution, but ensure that he has completed his combo strike before you unleash the counter, or you'll probably suffer more damage in the event of committing to the attack.
Be patient with this fight since he's moving slowly enough to give you time to view his attack animations and get a feel for the right and wrong time to practice your own techniques Don't be too exuberant and leave yourself vulnerable. Melee fighters should pause occasionally in order to get back to full strength and wait until he makes the first move , so that you can respond accordingly.Get your attacks in as you can slowly reduce Margit down, and Elden Ring Items for sale he'll get a fall once you've got the hang of it to open the path to Stormveil Castle proper.
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